The Cubbies group at AWANA is composed of twelve fun-loving Pre-K boys and girls who are learning respect for God, His Son, and the Word.


       This age child likes to have a set routine and they profit by repetition. Every week we begin our lesson by singing the Cubbies song and other classic songs like Jesus Loves the Little Children. Then we recite our key verse: God loved us and sent His son. I John 4:10. Next, we say our motto: Jesus loves me (with hand motions). We have an “A” verse: All have sinned. Romans 3:23. The next verse we recite each class is our “C” verse. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8. Sunday night Brother Don used that very verse in our adult service to illustrate a point. That made it so clear to me that verses we are teaching these Pre-K children are foundational, yet verses they will use and remember for the rest of their lives!


       We use puppets to illustrate core truths such as God is creator and God is the One True God. Our three puppeteers do a wonderful job and the Cubbies love the puppet shows.


       Our lesson is Bible-based and enhanced by our large teaching pictures. At the end of the evening, the children have handbook time. They work in small groups with leaders to discuss and apply their Bible lesson. They recite their memory verse and complete an activity that reinforces their learning.


    After our lesson is completed, Cubbies have game time where they enjoy games designed to emphasize truths from their Bible lesson. Every evening, they love playing on the brightly colored cars and scooters that are just their size.


    The children wear little vests to our meetings. As they memorize verses, they get stickers in their handbooks, and periodically they get reward emblems placed on their vests. They are so proud and excited with their awards.


    Cubby program is God– focused, Christ-centered, and built on the Bible. It prioritizes the home, making every effort to motivate and equip parents to be strong , biblical role models and teachers. Last, but not least, it promotes loving, respectful relationships.


    Parents, if your Pre-K child is not enrolled in Cubbies, would you please consider signing them up for this meaningful and fun program. (In addition, we have equally meaningful Sunday School classes for Pre-K and every age group on Sunday mornings at 9:30.) Church members, if you are free on Wednesday evening from 5:30-7:30 pm, we could really use your help!


~Kay Sonnier