Connection Coordinator Gabby LandreneauConnection Coordinator Gabby Landreneau    Our Connection Coordinator, Gabby Landreneau, is the newest addition to the Kinder Bible staff. She graduated from Kinder High School, and she is now attending college to pursue a degree in Registered Nursing.

    Before coming to the church, Gabby worked in Landreneau’s Grocery for a short time during the summer before her Junior year of high school. As graduation was approaching during Gabby’s Senior year, and seeing that college was not too far away, Gabby was perplexed about what type of job she should have. She didn’t know what job could suit her needs while in school. But through prayer and searching, this job became available to her.

    Gabby specializes in connecting the church community by taking pictures of church events, interviewing new church members, and creating monthly newsletters. This job has truly been a blessing in many ways to Gabby through the work she does.