Kinder Bible Church History

Kinder Bible Church is the oldest Protestant church in Kinder and one of the oldest in Southwest Louisiana.


In 1893, Dr. C.I. Scofield , pastor of the First Congregational Church of Dallas, Texas, sent Rev. Paul Leeds to Jennings, Louisiana to serve as interim pastor until they could secure a pastor.  From there, Rev. Leeds was sent to the Green Oak settlement near Kinder where the first services were held in a small plank school house.  This temporary service became a ministry that lasted over sixty years when that fourth Sunday in November, 1893 opened over a section of about forty square miles.  A number of small societies and Sunday Schools were established.  In 1902, the church at Green Oak moved to Kinder, which was just then becoming established as a town.

The early years of the First Congregational Church were marked by growth both in numbers and spiritual health.  The First Congregational Church became independent in 1955 and over the years grew to be a Bible Church.  Well known Bible teachers, such as Dr. Alden Gannett, held Bible conferences from time to time in the church.  The First Congregational Church of Kinder changed its name to Kinder Bible Church in July of 1998.  At the time of the name change, the pastor was Rev. Robert Jones, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary.

Our pastor today is Rev Don Barrett.