Assistant Pastor Andy BuzzardAssistant Pastor Andy Buzzard

Andy, Alyssa, and their baby girlAndy, Alyssa, and their baby girl

    Our assistant pastor, Andy Buzzard, has been with us since 2015. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in finance from McNeese State University, and he is now furthering his knowledge of the Word through Grace School of Theology where he is enrolled in a Masters of Art in Biblical Studies.

     Andy felt led into ministry, and he received that message at a time where it was greatly needed. Upon his graduation from McNeese, he planned to work for a finance company, but he realized he felt empty doing finance work. During the summer, he split his time between a finance job and Camp Pearl. Through his time at Camp Pearl, he felt ministry was something he was supposed to do. Through prayer, he was led into ministry.

      Andy has been married to his sweet wife, Alyssa Buzzard, for four and a half years, and they a daughter, Ellie, who is one year old, and a son on the way.